Enthousiaste creatieveling met passie voor permacultuur en koken

Laatst bijgewerkt: 15 oktober 2020

My name is Zoé, a 22 year old permaculture passionist with a big lust for life. I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and am currently still graduating at the art academy in Base for Experiment Arts and Research. I love cooking, wandering, foraging, gardening, learning new things while helping others learn new things, playing games, rebelling against the oppressive capitalist system, and developing a deeper spiritual practice. Being me means embracing constant change. On a personal level as well as with the abundance of activities I do, including environmental justice activism. I love learning new things that help the earth and myself in a transition to a fossil free future. 3 years ago I started my permaculture journey by doing a PDC and since then more and more things have crossed my path I want to learn more about. During the week I work as a volunteer in a local community centre. Currently I’m still living of my student loan, which will soon end too when I graduate. After that I decided to embrace all the things that cross my path that bring me closer to my ideals, even though that would mean me living in the tent in the park with no actual roof above my head. I dream to live a nomadic lifestyle independent of money, where I just travel from place to place helping people and communities while upholding vegan values, caring for the earth, caring for the people and sharing the abundance.

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