Cat Lover. I have a cat In Borneo Indonesia n I'm trying to have a cat again here so babysitting a cat would be a perfect starter here in NL

Laatst bijgewerkt: 9 augustus 2022

I’m Syahrul Pen. But you can call me Pen. I am from Borneo. I grew up on the Animal Island. I do stuff that make me feel stuff. When I’m sad I’m in the caves. When I’m happy I’m by the sea. Or at a forest. I love animals, vacation and food. When I work, I work really hard. When I chill, I chill really hard. Humans is my favorite series. Sometimes I say stuff just to get a reaction. That’s bad I know. I hate my phone. I was born melenial. I’m allergic to guilt tripping. I drop things and forget things sometime. I’m afraid of heights but I love flying. I hate when people late. My body reacts aggressively to injustice. I get existential crises multiple times a month. I’m easily bored. I love thinking. I listen to jazz. Slow jazz. Not uptempo jazz, that gives me stress. I am trying to be vegetarian. I love doing things myself. I love when someone else does it better. I have a constant feeling that I forgot something. I wish there was a way I could hug a polar bear. I wanna be blown away. Everything that is scary, reminds me of Scooby doo. I hate to say goodbye. But I love meeting new people. Last but not least, I am animals lover.

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