Eszter, photographer and singer

Laatst bijgewerkt: 4 januari 2019

Hello! Im Eszter, I moved to the Netherlands one year ago because of love. Im working as a photographer and artist, Im singing and love to be in the nature. I love to connect with people, share learn and to be mirror. I try not to work 40 hours job, and keep my freedom as an artist, but It is hard to pay everything without a stabil job. I am doing babysitting, and every kind of creative things. I would be really grateful, íif i can live in a nice place and take care of it for a while, and doing my art things. Thank you for reading me :) my site:

Beschikbaarheid Geen specifieke periode
Reiskostenvergoeding Afhankelijk van afstand
Oppasdieren Vogels Vissen
Diensten Dieren verzorgen Tuin Technisch Gasten ontvangen
Voorkeurs landen Nederland

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