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Hello, we are Rik en Judith, a creative couple from the north of Netherlands. Out of our own experiences, we understand that when you go on a holiday or a long trip it is very important that you can leave your house and animals in good care and enjoy your holiday without any concernes. My name is Judith, 29 years old and i just started working as a masseuse. I am friendly, sensitive and by heart an animal and nature lover. I did several kinds of jobs, (tourism, gardening, children) but working with animals has always been the greatest passion in my life and something that works for me naturally. I worked on a farm where I took care of all the farm animals and also different kinds of exotics like; capibara’s, zebus, raccoons, mara's, muntjacs, but most of all i took care of horses. When it comes to taking care of animals i feel a great sense of responsibility and carefulness. That means that I am always attentive and double check. (like closing gates) I treat animals with patience and kindness and it gives me great pleasure to take care of them. I'm Rik, 29 years old, a composer and musician. after graduating from the conservatory in Groningen I've been working on releasing my own music and helping others with developing and creating their musical ideas. Besides making music I'm a handy man who likes to work on all kinds of creative projects such as restoring furniture and electronics, doing photography and i am good with fixing things and will make sure that the house that i am taking care of keeps running. ? With all our qualities combined we think we are the perfect team to take care of your house and pets. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. We hope to hear from you! :-) All the best, Rik & Judith

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